Podofo Universal 2 Din Car Radio Stereo 7018B Autoaudio FM Receiver 7 INCH HD Touch Screen Multimedia Player Mirror Link Monitor

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Color: Radio only With 4 LED Camera With 8 IR Camera With 12 LED Camera
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Item Specifics

TF/Micro SD Slot:
Double Din
Universal ISO Cable
Special Feature:
Built-In Speaker/Microphone,Support Steering Wheel Control
Operating System:
Windows Ce
Out Power:
4*45W 2 Din Car Radio Stereo
Material Type:
Metial + Plastic 2 Din Car Radio
Item Weight:
Item Size:
INCH HD Touch Screen Multimedia Player
Max External Memory:
Special Features:
MP3 Players
Digital Media Format:
OSD Language:
Chinese (Simplified),Polish,German,Russian,French,Czech,Japanese,Spanish,English
800*480 Radio Car 2 Din
Display Size:
Brand Name:
Mainland China
For Vehicle Brands/Model:

Product Description

Podofo Universal 2 Din Car Radio Stereo 7018B Autoaudio FM Receiver 7 INCH HD Touch Screen Multimedia Player Mirror Link Monitor


  1. Bluetooth Specification: V2.0

  2. Support Android/ Iphone Mirror Link,through phone's original USB line Can synchronized to the on-board screen,Android phone can realize two-way control,Iphone  can realize one-way control

  3. Built-in Car DVR System: it will grasp the road condition accurately after connecting with a USB camera. The records will be saved in the media card automatically and can be played on this unit directly.

  4. Supports advanced audio distribution profile

  5. Off time display function

  6. Digital high-quality FM stereo radio

  7. Preset 18 stations ( frequency: 87.5-108 MHz )

  8. Support USB / SD / MMC card reader

  9. Support Audio: MP3 / WMA / APE / FLAC / WAV etc.

  10. Support folder function

  11. Support breakpoints and ID3 Play

  12. Support remote control

  13. Rotary volume control

  14. MP3 randomized, 10 track up / down playback

  15. Electronic control volume treble, bass, balance and fader

  16. Multiple EQ scene selection: Jazz, rock, pop, classical, etc.

  17. Mute and loud control

  18. L / R RCA audio output jacks

  19. 4-channel high power output ( 4 loud speaker )

  20. Support modes: BT / APE / WAV / WMA / MP3 / FM

  21. The remote control battery (not included): CR2025 3V

  22. Power Supply: 12V Machine(11 – 16V)

  23. Language:English/Spanish/French/Portuguese/German/Italian/Russian/Turkish/Arabic/Hebrew/Polish/Japanese/Chinese

  24. It supports Remote Control also Steering wheel remote control,whatever you choose,it's more convenience to using.

Important notice before installation: 

1.Yellow line (for memory wire) connected to the battery constant current positive, the machine will have memory function.
2.Red line pick the key to the ACC line, this line is also positive, control power switch. Black wire connected to the negative power supply.
3.Blue line connected lift the antenna or subwoofer REM control line, if not have do not connected, wrapped up with rubberized fabric.
4.The remaining eight wires(gray white green purple) are speaker line, a group of colors corresponding to a pair of speaker lines (positive and negative).
5.Please pay attention to check whether the original car speaker cable if contact iron (the original car speaker wire welding to the metal, or a speaker only a line thow out, called contact iron). contact iron will cause our high-power machine without sound, please test it with a multimeter before install, if contact iron, please disconnect and then install.

Friendly Reminder:

1. Can not use the original car plug directly connected to our new machine, do not match will lead to the machine burned, part of the machine can be shared please consult customer service.
2. If you buy a 12V voltage product do not install to 24V voltage models, otherwise it will cause the machine burned.
3. When wiring, speaker cable and power cord together, will cause a short circuit, lead the machine burned/unable to boot or machine without sound.
Note: This machine is 12V machine, not according to the 24V power supply

Package Include:

1 X Bluetooth Car Touch Screen Monitor with MP5 Player
1 x Speaker cable
1 x Remote Control
1 x Power cable
1 x User Manual

1 x Frame ( Gift)

FAQ:(Car Radio )

Q1.Why the car radio can't turn on  ?

1>Please check the Voltage of car radio :DC 12V
you test this car radio,you can combine the red and yellow wires and
connect them to the positive side of the power supply.Black line to
negative power supply.
3>Replace the same type of insurance to test the car radio.
msut use our power cables to connect our car radio,it is not possible
to insert the original car plug directly into our machine.

Q2.Why the car radio will show “No Signal” when we reversing? link://yadi.sk/i/Rms0vBnr_os9Og=====How connect Radio with Camera

>Please check if the camera's line is properly connected to the car radio.
>Note:The video port of rear camera must insert the “CAMIN” port of car radio.


Q3.Why does the camera display “!” and “Can't watch video while driving” when I use USB to watch videos?

> Please turn off the “Video Warning” function in the settings,then will be OK.

Q4.Why the car  radio will show time after we turn off this?

time clock is a function for the car radio ,that can't be removed.In
fact that car radio had been turn off,it save the time are more
convenience for people to see,
>If you didn't need this,you need to unplug the power positive and negative.

Q5.Why haven't sound in car radio when playing the music?//yadi.sk/i/R1rgPOyzVy1biw====Connect Speaker

>1.When you are not using our original audio cable, please check if your audio cable is suitable for our camera.
>2.Please check if there is any collision between the lines.
the line is connected, there will be no sound when the speaker cable
touches the speaker cable.There is also no sound when the power cord
touches the speaker cable.
>4.If the problem still here,please
use a single speaker to connect a group of audio cables to test the car
radio. The four speaker cables are connected separately to see if there
is any sound.

Q6.Why can't search FM?

>1. No radio antenna inserted.
>2. Please check if the radio antenna is plugged in. Please insert more antennas several times to make it well contacted.
>3.The signal of your location is not good. Please go to a better place to test again.
>4.The radio antenna on the car is broken/no effect; please replace the radio antenna and test again;

Q7.Why can't connect the BT of car radio?

//yadi.sk/i/Rvw_Wa-eNylzIg=====Connect BT

the phone settings interface, open the BT in the BT function, search
for BT devices, find the player's BT model to be paired; if you need a
pairing code, enter 0000; if not, try 1234 or 123456.
try to use another mobile phone to test this function.All methods are
correct and still cannot use BT, Please unplug the plug on the back of
the player and plug it in after 3 minutes.

Q8.How to mirror link Android (4.0-9.0) Phone?

//yadi.sk/i/ecAS-e_BcVRKEQ==== Mirrorlink

a.You need to open the Developer Options at first.;

b.Open USB debugging ;

c.Then reconnect your phone with item;

d.Mirror link success.
If you still can not mirror link,please contact us,we will send you a video to watch how to do it.

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