JMCQ Android 11 2Din Car Radio Multimedia Video Player For Hyundai Solaris 1 2010-2016 Navigation WiFi Car Stereo System Carplay

Ships From: China Russian Federation
Color: T3-MIC T3-Camera T3-DVR T4-MIC T4-Camera T4-DVR T10-A-Camera T10-A-DVR T10-B-Camera T10-B-DVR T10-C-Camera T8-MIC T8-Camera T8-DVR T10-C-DVR T10-D-Camera T10-D-DVR T10-E-Camera T10-E-DVR K3
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Item Specifics

Brand Name:
Mainland China
Double Din
Display Size:
For Vehicle Brands/Model:
Hyundai Model:
OSD Language:
Chinese (Simplified),Chinese (Traditional),Arabic,Belarusian,Polish,German,Russian,French,Finnish,Korean,Czech,Romanian,Macedonian,Portuguese,Japanese,Swedish,Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian,Hebrew,Greek,Spanish,Hungarian,Italian,English,Vietnamese
Out Power:
4 x 45W
Max External Memory:
Digital Media Format:
Material Type:
Special Feature:
Built-In Speaker/Microphone,Wifi Function,Support Steering Wheel Control,Support 3G Network,Support 4G Network
Special Features:
Mobile Phone,MP3 Players
Item Size:
Operating System:
Android 11
Item Weight:
Suitable Vehicle Type:
For Hyundai Solaris 1 2010-2016
Steering Wheel Control:
Rear View Camera:
Connect To USB ADAS DVR:
Connect USB TPMS:
Connect External Microphone:
OBD 2:
Including Frame:

Product Description

Please note:
We have 3 color frames, default send silver frame For black+white frame (A) black frame (B), please leave a message on the order

The higher the Android version, the larger the memory; the more functions it will have, the more stable the system will be.

Purchase FAQ:

The product supports steering wheel control buttons

supports original car cameras (CANBUS required)

supports non-original cameras (supports multiple phase mechanisms)

supports original car functions such as air conditioning settings (CANBUS required, more original car functions are related to the original car)

Is it suitable for your car?

1. Check the corresponding model and year of the product and car

2. Compare the installation position of the product with the car that needs to be upgraded

3. Check if the product’s power cable interface is suitable for your car (note: not all interfaces of the original car need to be connected)

4. If you still can’t judge, please send us the original car radio installation location (front) picture and the original radio back interface picture to us

Supports mirroring connection of Android and IOS mobile phones, the screen of the mobile phone is displayed on the radio screen, driving is more convenient and intelligent.

T10-A/T10-B/T10-C/T10-D/T10-E supports built-in wireless Carplay and wired Android Auto (T8 only supports wired Carplay and wired Android Auto).

About Carplay and Android Auto: Users who use Carplay and Android auto can connect to the car system through a data cable (the wireless version can be directly connected through Bluetooth or WiFi), To realize functions such as navigation, making calls, sending and receiving messages, and listening to music.

Compared with the original car, the screen is larger, the colors are more vivid, and it supports viewing from multiple angles.

The new frame is made according to the original car, which fits perfectly with your car and is easy to install.

Support application split screen, make your use handier, support more latest applications.

The latest technology, using advanced Android navigation solutions, supports more custom settings and opens more options to users.

Supports almost all map apps. Before sending your favorite products, we will install the latest offline map of your country for you, and the map will be updated at regular intervals. Of course, you can also choose to use online maps.

All radio models support the steering wheel control of the original car.(This model requires steering wheel control learning)

Support split screen display of any 2 applications, combining at will.

Satisfy users’ higher pursuit of car audio improvement

At the same time, surround sound can be set, allowing you to immerse yourself in beautiful music.

T10-A/T10-B/T10-C/T10-D/ T10-E Support multiple 4G+WIFI Network bands

The latest T10-A/T10-B/T10-C/T10-D/ T10-E version is andriod 11.0 8 core system, supporting 2GB RAM + 32GB ,4GB RAM + 32GB ,6GB RAM + 128GB ROM,8GB RAM + 128GB ROM optional, we will continue to launch more powerful machines, please pay attention to our shop Receive notifications for new products).

Supports reverse display. When the car is in the reverse mode, the radio will instantly switch to the screen at the back of the car to ensure your driving safety.

Supports connection to ADAS DVR. ADAS DVR has multiple built-in assistive driving technologies, inserting high-quality TF memory card to record every moment of your driving.

More and more national automobile manufacturing standards require that vehicles must be equipped with tire pressure alarm devices. The importance of tire pressure alarm devices can be seen. Click on the picture below to buy a tire pressure alarm device, connect a radio, and feedback your tire status in real time.

About delivery:

After submitting the order, we need to connect the product to a power test, then load a free map, test the performance, and then use a multi-layer anti-collision box and a bubble shock bag to ensure that the product is safely delivered to your hands. Delivery takes 1-3 business days after purchase, please be patient.

About after sales:

If there is a problem after receiving the goods, please give us a chance to serve you. Please do not open the dispute. Disputes are handled by the platform, and the platform’s customer service personnel cannot understand all the details of the product, especially technical issues. We have professional customer service and technical staff, all have rich experience in processing the product, and will better solve your problem.


1.Why can’t turn on the car radio ?

1.1Please check the Voltage of car radio : 12V

1.2When you test this car radio,you can combine the red and yellow wires and connect them to the positive side of the power supply.Black line to negative power supply.

1.3Replace the same type of insurance to test the car radio.

Note: Please must use our power cables to connect our car radio,it is not possible to insert the original car plug directly into our machine.

2.Why the car radio will show “No Signal” when we reversing?

Please check if the camera’s line is properly connected to the car radio.

Note:The video port of rear camera must insert the “CAMIN” port of car radio.

3.Why does the camera display “!” and “Can’t watch video while driving” when I use USB to watch videos?

Please turn off the “Video Warning” function in the settings,then will be OK.

4.Why can’t search FM?

4.1: No radio antenna inserted;

4.2: Please check if the radio antenna is plugged in. Please insert more antennas several times to make it well contacted;

4.3: The signal of your location is not good. Please go to a better place to test again

4.4: The radio antenna on the car is broken/no effect; please replace the radio antenna and test again.

5.Why can’t connect the Bluetooth of car radio?

5.1.Open the phone settings interface, open the Bluetooth in the Bluetooth function, search for Bluetooth devices, find the player’s Bluetooth model to be paired.

5.2.Please try to use another mobile phone to test this function.

All methods are correct and still cannot use Bluetooth, Please unplug the plug on the back of the player and plug it in after 3 minutes.

6. What is the difference between WiFi and 4G?

6.1.The device has functions such as navigation, playing music, and video. However, in order to connect your machine to the Internet, you need to use your smartphone as a modem. Therefore, for those who use the Internet frequently while traveling, we recommend buying a version with 4G. Because if you keep your phone in modem mode, it will discharge quickly.

Please don’t give us bad reviews and disputes before contacting us. If there is any problem with the product please contact us first, we will help you solve the problem.thank you!

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