JMCQ 2din Android Universal Car Radio Multimedia Video Player 4G player DSP GPS Navigaion 9/10" For Nissan Kia Honda Toyota VW

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Color: K3 9 inch K3 10 inch T3L 9 inch(gift) T3L 10 inch(gift) T3P 9 inch(gift) T3P 10 inch(gift) T3pro 9 inch(gift) T3pro 10 inch(gift) T10-S 9 Camera gift T10-S 10 Camera gift T10-1 9 inch(gift) T10-1 10 inch(gift) T10 9 inch(gift) T10 10 inch(gift) T10-2 9 inch(gift) T10-2 10 inch(gift) T3L 9 carpaly(gift) T3P 9 carpaly(gift) 7inch K3 7inch T3Lplus
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Item Specifics

TF/Micro SD Slot:
Double Din
Special Feature:
Wifi Function,Support Steering Wheel Control,Support 4G Network
Operating System:
Android 11
Out Power:
4 x 45W
Material Type:
Item Weight:
Item Size:
Max External Memory:
Special Features:
Built-in GPS,MP3 Players
Digital Media Format:
OSD Language:
Chinese (Simplified),Chinese (Traditional),Arabic,Belarusian,Polish,German,Russian,French,Finnish,Korean,Dutch,Czech,Latvian,Lithuanian,Romanian,Macedonian,Portuguese,Japanese,Swedish,Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian,Hebrew,Greek,Spanish,Hungarian,Italian,English,V
Display Size:
Brand Name:
Mainland China
For Vehicle Brands/Model:
1G+16G Android 10.0
T3L plus:
2G+32G Android 11
2G+32G Android 11
2G+32G Android 11
4G+32G Android 11
4G+64G Android 11
6G+128G Android 11
1G+16G Android 9
Carplay+android auto:
4G net:
Bluetooth 5.0:
Connect an external microphone:
Original Steering Wheel Control:
Connect To USB ADAS DVR:
Connect USB TPMS:
All Support
Split Screen:
Support(except K3)
Floating window:
Support(except K3)
All Support
8 core:
QLED 1280*720:

Product Description

When you buy a JMCQ radio, you can get extra useful gifts. The number of gifts is limited. Buy first, get first

More 7″ Universal Machine Options

JMCQ and car radios:
1. JMCQ is an enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of car accessories. The R&D and production of car radios have always been among the best in the industry. Many excellent sales stores are provided by JMCQ with supply and technical support.

2. JMCQ products from R&D to production to sales are all independently completed by the company, which reduces the cost of intermediate links to the greatest extent and provides customers with the best quality products and the most favorable prices.

3. JMCQ has a strong after-sales team, which can answer customer’s confusion at the first time and help customers solve any difficult problems (as long as you contact us)

4. JMCQ cooperates with the mall to provide customers with the best guarantee. When you receive our products, no matter what the reason, you can return them for free within 15 days. Within 365 days of receiving the product, you can replace it with a new radio (as long as you contact us)

2022 new upgrade, the updated configuration list is as follows (all the parameters shown in the table shall prevail)

Floating Window
Support video and DVR application Of Floating Window, customize the display position, and make your driving experience full of cool colors.

The long working time of the radio will inevitably lead to excessive temperature, especially in summer, which affects the service life of the radio. The cooling fan can effectively solve the problem of high can buy it by clicking “BUY NOW” in the picture below.
Rear View Camera
When the car is reversing, the car DVD will automatically switch to the alternate camera image view with the parking line. (If you need a rear view camera, please click on the picture to buy)
Once setup,then it can use ADAS function!
When the car is too close to the vehicle driving ahead, the machine will automatically remind the driver to prevent the vehicle from colliding.
The device driver unconscious deviate from the original lane when the lane departure alarm is automatically triggered.
(If you need TPMS, please click on the picture to buy)
Real-time displays 4 tires’ pressure and temperature, once the tire pressure or temperature limit is exceeded, alarm will be triggered immediately. (If you need TPMS, please click on the picture to buy)

(5-star feedback ) New radio firmware will be updated every year (the firmware may include system version upgrades and optimizations, function additions and adjustments, motherboard graphics upgrades, voice control), and the new firmware will be sent to 5-star feedback and Friends who follow my shop. I will continue to serve my friends and always provide some coupons.


1.Why can’t turn on the car radio ?
1.1 Please check the Voltage of car radio : 12V
1.2 When you test this car radio,you can combine the red and yellow wires and connect them to the positive side of the power supply.Black line to negative power supply.
1.3Replace the same type of insurance to test the car radio. Note: Please must use our power cables to connect our car radio,it is not possible to insert the original car plug directly into our machine.

2.Why the car radio will show “No Signal” when we reversing?
Please check if the camera’s line is properly connected to the car radio. Note:The video port of rear camera must insert the “CAMIN” port of car radio.

3.Why does the camera display “!” and “Can’t watch video while driving” when I use USB to watch videos?
Please turn off the “Video Warning” function in the settings,then will be OK.

4.Why can’t search FM?
4.1: No radio antenna inserted;
4.2: Please check if the radio antenna is plugged in. Please insert more antennas several times to make it well contacted;
4.3: The signal of your location is not good. Please go to a better place to test again
4.4: The radio antenna on the car is broken/no effect; please replace the radio antenna and test again.

5.Why can’t connect the Bluetooth of car radio?
5.1.Open the phone settings interface, open the Bluetooth in the Bluetooth function, search for Bluetooth devices, find the player’s Bluetooth model to be paired; if you need a pairing code, enter 0000; if not, try 1234 or 123456.
5.2.Please try to use another mobile phone to test this function. Please check if the Bluetooth receiving antenna is properly connected All methods are correct and still cannot use Bluetooth, Please unplug the plug on the back of the player and plug it in after 3 minutes.

6: Bluetooth signal is weak, WiFi signal is weak:
please check and reconnect the Yellow rear Camera input connector, there are 2 short cables, they are the extension cords of the Bluetooth antenna and the WiFi antenna, or you can extend them to enhance the signal.

7: The navigation map does not work,
check whether the GPS has a signal, click GPS signal detection, if there is a signal, then reinstall a new map or open the mobile WiFi hotspot. If there is no GPS signal, leave the garage and test the GPS interface voltage on the road. The voltage must be 3.3V, otherwise the GPS antenna should be replaced.

8: The screen display is abnormal,
click the one-key recovery button, if it can’t be solved, remove the screw on the back, check whether the screen cable is loose, and reconnect the screen cable.

9: Abnormal sound:
1 Check whether the original car cable has been modified by another car owner. If so, please check the speaker cable and reconnect it.
2 Check whether there is an original car or a modif

10:The radio cannot be turned on
10.1. The condition for the radio to turn on is that ACC (G3) and 12V (G2) are connected to the positive pole of the car’s 12V power supply, and G1 is connected to the negative pole of the power supply. There may be a very small probability that the power cord does not match your car. You can directly connect these 3 power cords Connect the power cord of the car without the radio
10.2. It may be that the connecting wire of the radio came off during transportation, just open the back cover to check and reconnect the connecting wire inside the radio
10.3. If you can’t turn on after checking the above steps, please send a video to us for confirmation. The video needs to show that the power cord is normally connected, and test the connection cord with an electric meter to be 12V.

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