IMAX Headset VR Glasses 360 Degree Panoramic Mobile Phone 3D Virtual Reality Game Helmet for 4.7-7.0 Inches Smartphone Gift

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Item Specifics

Gesture Recognition:
Real-time Map Construction:
Base Stations:
Wireless network Type:
Set Type:
Controllers Sets
Model Number:
VR Glasses
Sensor Type:
Display Number:
All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses:
Viewing Experience:
Compatible Device:
3D Glasses Type:
Virtual Reality
Brand Name:
Mainland China
Product name:
VR Glasses
Item model number:
Interpupillary distance adjustment:
62/45 (adjustable)
Virtual screen size:
3 meters to watch a 1050-inch screen
Field of view:
90 Degrees
360 Degree Panorama
Japanese Buckle Elastic Headband
Body material:
high-strength ABS+PC Material
Eye mask material:
Imitation Skin Protein Cooling Skin Material

Product Description

VR Glasses 360 Degree Panoramic Mobile Phone 3D Virtual Reality Game Helmet for 4.7-7.0 inches Smartphone
1.Carry the IMAX giant screen with you. You don’t have to go to the theater to watch a blockbuster, just use the G10 to turn on the 3D movie viewing mode at any time. Open the VR APP to play the movie, and immediately enter the giant screen theater. It’s as simple as that.
2.Immersive gaming experience. Immersive scene design, control experience from the first perspective, walk in the scene, really interact with the characters, the VR world is up to you!
3.360° three-dimensional space immersion. VR content takes you into a new 360° world, making your dreams within reach A deeply customized OS for VR, integrating applications, entertainment, and social interaction.
4.Optical goggles. Anti-radiation, anti-blue light. You only need to see clearly, I am responsible for eye protection, and the unique optical system of aspheric optical lenses makes the picture clearer and eliminates the dizziness of traditional products.
5.Physical adjustment of interpupillary distance. The large lens barrel has a wider field of view and the interpupillary distance design of the adjustable gear can meet your viewing requirements at any time to avoid problems such as ghosting and other problems. It is suitable for people with myopia within 600 degrees without wearing glasses.
6.Support myopia users. The reasonable design of the optical lens and the fuselage can solve the dizziness, fatigue and sleepiness caused by the unsuitable interpupillary distance and object distance. More support for myopic users.
7.Travel without leaving home. Travel through time and space, transport you to another world, anytime, anywhere, and virtual reality is close at hand.
8.The new material is lighter. The G10 has been fully upgraded, and the refined shape is more futuristic. The new ABS material is used for one-piece molding; the weight of the whole machine is reduced to about 183 grams, which is light and comfortable to wear without pressure.
9.Wide compatibility. It is suitable for 4.7-7-inch smart models on the market, and the larger the screen, the higher the resolution, the better the 3D effect, and the more enjoyable experience it brings.

Product name: VR Glasses
Item model number: G10
Interpupillary distance adjustment: 62/45 (adjustable)
Virtual screen size: 3 meters to watch a 1050-inch screen
Field of view: 90 degrees
Support: 360 degree panorama
Headband: Japanese buckle elastic headband
Body material: high-strength ABS+PC material
Eye mask material: imitation skin protein cooling skin material
Clarity/Visibility: 90%/99%
Compatible mobile phone: 4.7-7.0 inch / Android WIN IOS system
VR glasses: about 205g, about 18*12*9cm/7.09*4.72*3.54 inch
B01 handle: about 65g, about 13.3*6.3*1.7cm/5.24*2.48*0.67 inch
052 handle: about 56g, about 4*4.5*13cm/1.57*1.77*5.12 inch
B03 handle: about 50g, about 11.5*3.5*3cm/4.53*1.38*1.18 inch
Y1 handle: about 56g, about 13.3*6.3*1.7cm/5.24*2.48*0.67 inch
Optional handle introduction:
B01 remote control handle:
This is a portable remote control that can be used as mobile phone, tablet computer, TV box, PC remote control, gamepad, wireless mouse, etc. It supports for Android, IOS, PC systems.
Function: Android system supports Selfie, music playback, volume adjustment, video control, e-book page turning, simulator games, daily dazzling fighting, mouse mode, controlling 3D broadcasting, Tempest Magic Mirror and other videos.
For IOS system only supports selfie, music playback, PPT page turning, storm mirror and other videos, icade games.
Due to the mini shape design and few buttons, it is not suitable for large-scale games. It is mainly used with mobile phone VR as a mobile phone controller.
B03 remote control handle:
Smart remote control handle, conquer the game world, 360° game joystick + physical buttons with Bluetooth-compatible technology for free control of action games adapt for Android 4.0 and higher systems to play large-scale action shooting games.
Supports major VR resource platforms, you can start playing various 3D movie action games without installing plug-ins.
052 remote control handle:
The sixth-generation VR gamepad, free from jailbreak, supports for IOS system, and support for Android, for IOS, for Storm Magic Mirror APP, 3D broadcast and other VR operations.
At the same time, it has functions such as selfie/music/e-book/PPT page turning, one-key switch between games and remote control, one-key conversion of mouse function, ergonomic size, control and portability, aesthetics and functions!
Y1 remote control handle:
3D VR glasses/for Android IOS mobile phone wireless Bluetooth-compatible gamepad.
Compatibility: mobile phone/tablet PC/TV box/PC remote control/wireless mouse, etc.
Support one-handed and two-handed Bluetooth-compatible remote control, enjoy VR control, stand-alone, simulator game video.

The handle needs to be installed with 2 AA batteries, and the battery is not included.
Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 Pair x VR Glasses
1 x Lens Cleaning Cloth
1 x Manual
1 x Remote Control Handle (the remote control is an optional, please note)



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