H98 4K Webcam All in One Camera with Microphone and Speaker Video Conference Studio Equipment

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Video Conference System

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4K video conference all-in-one machine

* Integrated design: a perfect integration of 4K ultra-clear camera, microphone, speaker, codec, WIFI, bracket, etc.

* Android 9.0 operating system, support users to install applications and customized meeting applications for the second time, the operation is simple and convenient.


1/2.5-inch high-quality CMOS sensor, 8.5 million effective pixels, 2D/3D noise reduction.

* 4K ultra-clear camera module, 90-degree wide-angle, no distortion, output up to 4K30fps, and both 1080P and 720P.

* EPTZ: Built-in 4K ultra-definition lens module, support EPTZ zoom function, 5x digital zoom, zoom and other functions.

* Microphone: Onboard microphone array, omnidirectional pickup, 5m pickup radius, 360-degree omnidirectional pickup.

* Open platform: Built-in API/SDK and Dome interface data, easy to retrieve, and easy for secondary development and
customization requirements.

* Codec: encode H264, decode 4K, VP8/VP9, H.264/H.265 and other formats.

* Installation method: freely choose the installation location, the device comes with a fixed clip, which can be easily
installed on the top of the TV or monitor, and can also be placed on the table or mounted on a tripod, which is convenient and

* Application scenarios: video conferencing, online education, medical consultation, political cloud video, collaborative
office, multimedia integration, emergency command, judicial dispatch and other scenarios.

4K video conference all-in-one machine is
an ultra-clear video all-in-one machine developed by our company. Integrated

design: 4K camera, codec, microphone, speaker, WiFi, Bluetooth, bracket, etc. are perfectly integrated.

Choose 1/2.5-inch HD COMS
sensor, 4K ultra-definition camera, 850W pixels, 90° wide-angle, support 5x digital zoom (can zoom in/out/move left and right up
and down), and output high-quality images with 3860*2160P ultra-high-definition resolution .

Array linear microphone, 360-degree
omni-directional radio, 5m pickup radius, experienced engineers accumulated audio and video experience in previous generations of
products, industry-leading 3A echo cancellation algorithm (ANS noise suppression, AGC automatic gain, AEC echo cancellation).
Built-in high-fidelity speakers, the sound quality is clear and pleasant without any noise.

The all-in-one machine is equipped
with a high-performance processor, an open hardware platform, an Android 9.0 operating system, rich built-in interfaces, and an
open API/SDK Demo development interface.

It is easy to retrieve, and can be opened for users to call/configure, user conference
software application installation, and Develop protocols such as 323/SIP, which can be interconnected with industry standard

Professional audio and video technology embedded in the all-in-one makes video conferencing simple. Users can combine
and match practically according to different meeting room scenes. Supports the docking of professional video software such as
DingTalk, GoodView, Full Time, Meet, Cloud House, Huateng, ZOOM, ZOOM ROOMS, Skype, Microsoft teams, CISCO, Polycom, Vidyo, etc.
in the industry’s mainstream cloud platforms.

The conference deployment can be completed in three simple steps, without the need for professional IT personnel to come to guide the installation, making the conference more efficient.

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