For Volkswagen VW polo sedan 2008 2020 Car Radio Multimedia Video Player Android 10 GPS Navigation 2 din no dvd Carplay

Color: (2G 16G)No camera (2G 16G)with camera (2G 32G)No camera (2G 32G)with camera (2G 16G)Carplay (2G 32G)Carplay
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Item Specifics

Double Din
Operating System:
Android 10.0 OS
Out Power:
Item Weight:
Max External Memory:
Digital Media Format:
Display Size:
Mainland China
For Vehicle Brands/Model:
Volkswagen Model:

Product Description

For Volkswagen VW polo sedan 2008 2020 Car Radio Multimedia Video Player Android 10 GPS Navigation 2 din no dvd Carplay

Main Features:
Support Carplay and Android Auto(Optional)
Phone| Music| Maps| Podcasts etc..
Control and handle mobiles via device.Open your safe driving life1024 * 600 resolution: Bring you high-quality visual experience.
Support Android Multimedia Player, it can play Music/Movie/Photo from local Disc or connected TF Card.
Online Entertainment, support online video, TV, movie, music, radio, Youtube, Yahoo, MSN…
Support WiFi provides you more entertainment
Download navigation App makes your car become a GPS navigator
Improve sound quality with equalizer. Use EQ to adjust the sound to render better results.
Rear view input function is for your safer driving
30 preset FM stations cheer you up when traveling
Steering wheel control provides convenience
Bluetooth hands-free operation (Phone book, call record, Bluetooth music)
Support Bluetooth + WIFI + Radio + Steering wheel control + Panel light + Mirror-link + GPS

This product have no dvd function.

OSD language: English,Russian,German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Czech, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Korean and other 46 languages. etc.
Package Included:
1 x car Android GPS multimedia player
1X rear camera (optional)
1Xrear camera cables(optional)
2 XUSB cables
1 XGPS antenna
1 x RCA cable
1x power cord

common problem:

1. Why is Navitel, Waze, IGO, Sygic navigation software not installed on the machine?
1) This machine supports the installation of these navigation software, you can download it through a browser or store;
2) Downloaded the global offline map APK on the machine. You can download the required world map in this APK.
2. Can’t use GPS?
1) Check whether the GPS antenna wiring of the machine is correct;
2) Whether the GPS antenna is installed in an open place;
3) Please check the GPS signal on the setting page. Set GPS detection-After entering the page, the device will automatically start detection.
The test result is 4-5 stars, and GPS can be used normally. If it is 1-2 stars, GPS cannot be used normally. Please try in a place with good signal.
Note: The first GPS check will take a long time. Please be patient, and then wait for the check result on the GPS check page.
If you exit the page midway, the detection will be interrupted and the GPS detection will not succeed.
3. How to use the steering wheel control?
1) Set the steering wheel to learn, press and hold the steering wheel control button, wait for the machine to display the learning information, then let go and continue to the next button. Once you understand all the buttons, you can use them.
2) If your car originally has a steering wheel controller, please connect the steering wheel control cable on the machine to the steering wheel controller of the car.
KEY1 and KEY2 in the power cord are steering wheel control lines.
If your car has only one steering wheel controller, please screw KEY1 and KEY2 together, and connect the steering wheel control line of the steering wheel controller;
If your car has two steering wheel controllers, please connect KEY1 and KEY2 to the steering wheel control lines of the two steering wheel controllers.
3) If it is an external steering wheel controller, please connect the steering wheel control line on the machine to the steering wheel control line of the external steering wheel controller.
4) If you buy a car radio with canbus, please set the canbus type before using the button.
4. How to connect the rear camera?
1) Please find the reversing trigger line through the power line definition diagram;
2) Please connect according to the figure below.

5. Does the machine support the mirror link between Android phone and iPhone?
1) Android system is 4.0-10.1, only this system can support mirrorlink.
2) Mobile phones below iPhone X can support mirror link.

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