A-629 TAULSSEN T3 Sixth Generation Fever And Other Magnetic Field Belt Type External Super Tweeter Speaker Ultra High Frequency

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Speaker Type:
2 (2.0)
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Mainland China
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Input Power(W):
50-99 W
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Product Description

TAULSSEN T3 6th generation piano baking varnish bright black. The sixth generation added installation and operation instructions, and wool anti-skid pads were added at the bottom of the speaker, so the details were better

TAULSSEN/Taosheng T3 tweeter is used to assist the tweeter and enhance the detail, energy, density and texture of the tweeter's ultra-high part; As well as enhancing the sound field width and vertical depth of its stereo, it has a good complementary and reinforcing effect for speakers with dim supplementary timbre, poor UHF extension, poor expressiveness and insufficient sense of quantity. Ultrahigh sound is not equal to treble, and they are mutually independent, complementary and complementary, and cannot replace each other

What is the function of the tweeter? How to judge?

A good ultrahigh sound system is to judge the natural integration of the voice of the ultrahigh speaker and the user speaker system. Their collocation is integrated, natural, coordinated, clean, delicate and vivid sound details, with overtones diffuse in the air. If there is no separation, that is, under normal listening conditions, the T3 ultrahigh speaker is added, the whole range sound field will be more open, and the voice will be more clear and bright Analytical power and cohesion will be enhanced, and details, sound density and overtones will also be enriched

TAULSSEN T3 tweeter uses the same magnetic field belt type tweeter unit of a certain prestige. The sound quality is crisp and beautiful, the sound range is wide, the details are rich, the ductility is good, the smoothness is good, the stereoscopic sense is strong, the sound positioning sense of the diffusion horn is strong, and the sound pressure is evenly distributed. It has a unique role in reinforcing and supplementing the speakers with dim voice color, poor UHF extension, poor expressiveness, and insufficient sense of quantity. The test shows that the effect is remarkable

! TAULSSEN T3 tweeter can be used with full frequency bookshelf box, dual frequency bookshelf box, floor box, and front surround box of cinema. It is not only pure HIFI sound that can play the tweeter when playing music. Even if you watch DVD or BD Blu ray movies with surround effect in a home theater, you need the tweeter. Because many DVD or BD Blu ray recording technologies have exceeded tens of thousands of Hz, if you want to completely reproduce the audio effect in the movie, you can get the best enjoyment by using an ultrahigh speaker.

In terms of box materials, the ultra-high pitch loudspeaker box is made of environment-friendly materials, high-density plates, and the appearance of piano baking paint. It retains the classic semicircle arc trimming appearance, which is extremely delicate. The terminal and knob are comprehensively upgraded. The 24K gold-plated terminal, embedded manual potentiometer knob, and hexagonal self tapping screws are used in full, with excellent matching. In addition, the ultra-high pitch loudspeaker box is of a higher grade. The ultra-high pitch loudspeaker box is on the aluminum panel, It is completely open to air driven design, which increases the quality and density of the diaphragm and sound. The brushed black aluminum panel has fine lines and is very beautiful

TAULSSEN T3 is an external tweeter. You need to use jumpers to connect your passive speaker terminals in parallel. The positive pole is connected to the positive pole, and the negative pole is connected to the negative pole. You need to listen more and test more. You don't need to listen close. The emperor position test is better. To determine which frequency division point is natural, coordinated, and better integrated is the appropriate frequency division point, and then fix it for long-term use

TAULSSEN T3 tweeter In order to facilitate the matching of different main speakers of different barbecues, we have selected seven gear potentiometer Zhuanhuan. One neutral gear and six gear selector are different frequency dividing points, which are composed of 6K, 8K, 10K, 12K, 14K and 15K. The frequency dividing points are increased clockwise in turn. The higher the frequency dividing point, the lower the gain, and the lower the volume. On the contrary, the lower the frequency dividing point, the greater the gain, and the higher the volume, With different speakers, you need to adjust the appropriate crossover point according to your listening sense, and then fix it for a long time

TAULSSEN T3 tweeter can be placed on the top of the matching main box, or placed next to the main box. The closer the speaker is, the better. The reason for this swing is mainly to achieve the effect of “single point sound element” produced by a sound source. In addition, because the sound of the tweeter is relatively fast, in order to reach your ears at the same time as the midrange and bass signals, in addition to placing it in the same line on the top of the tweeter, the position of the tweeter unit should also be moved back a little. Like the 400 meter sprint in track and field competitions, the starting point of the athletes is different, but they can reach a certain position synchronously

Super tweeter parameters:

Speaker size: 104mm wide*100mm deep*120mm high
Frequency response range: 2000Hz~30000Hz
Rated impedance: 5Ω
Sensitivity: 90dB
Power: 30W
Weight: 1.5KG

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