2din Android 11 Universal Car Radio for Nissan Kia Honda Toyota VW Multimedia Video Player Carplay GPS Navigaion 7/9/10" Ips DVD

Ships From: China Poland Russian Federation
Color: 7inch 1G 16G 9inch 1G 16G 10inch 1G 16G 9inch 1G 16G camera 9inch 2G 32G carplay 9inch 2G 32G carplay 9inch 2G 32G 4Gnet 9inch 2G 32G 4Gnet 9inch 2G 32G 8core 9inch 4G 32G 8core 9inch 4G 64G 8core 9inch 6G 128G 8core 9inch 8G 128G 8core 10inch 1G 16G Camera 10inch 2G 32Gcarplay 10inch 2G 32Gcarplay 10inch 2G 32G 4G net 10inch 4G 32G 8core 7inch 1G 16G 4core 7inch 1G 16G 4core 7inch 2G 32G 4core 7inch 2G 32G 4core
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Item Specifics

Brand Name:
Mainland China
Double Din
Display Size:
For Vehicle Brands/Model:
OSD Language:
Chinese (Simplified),Chinese (Traditional),Arabic,Belarusian,Polish,German,Russian,French,Finnish,Korean,Dutch,Czech,Latvian,Lithuanian,Romanian,Macedonian,Portuguese,Japanese,Swedish,Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian,Hebrew,Greek,Spanish,Hungarian,Italian,English,V
Out Power:
4 x 45W
Max External Memory:
Digital Media Format:
Material Type:
TF/Micro SD Slot:
Special Feature:
Wifi Function,Support Steering Wheel Control,Support 4G Network
Special Features:
Built-in GPS,MP3 Players
Item Size:
Operating System:
Android 11
Item Weight:
1G+16G Android 10.0
T3L plus:
2G+32G Android 11
2G+32G Android 11
2G+32G Android 11
4G+32G Android 11
4G+64G Android 11
6G+128G Android 11
1G+16G Android 9
Carplay+android auto:
4G net:
Bluetooth 5.0:
Connect an external microphone:
Original Steering Wheel Control:
Connect To USB ADAS DVR:
Connect USB TPMS:
All Support
Split Screen:
Support(except K3)
Floating window:
Support(except K3)
All Support
8 core:
QLED 1280*720:

Product Description

Good news!
The newly developed carplay player in our store is simple to install and supports wireless carplay+Android auto. You can use mobile navigation software, music player, and support FM/AUX audio output (the sound effect of the original car). It is also equipped with a 4K video recording function. If you like it, please buy it as soon as possible. It is now the promotion period of new products, and the promotion will resume its original price after one month.

More 7″ Universal Machine Options

2022 new upgrade, the updated configuration list is as follows (all the parameters shown in the table shall prevail)

Floating Window
Support video and DVR application Of Floating Window, customize the display position, and make your driving experience full of cool colors.

The long working time of the radio will inevitably lead to excessive temperature, especially in summer, which affects the service life of the radio. The cooling fan can effectively solve the problem of high temperature. you can buy it by clicking “BUY NOW” in the picture below.
Rear View Camera
When the car is reversing, the car DVD will automatically switch to the alternate camera image view with the parking line. (If you need a rear view camera, please click on the picture to buy)
Once setup,then it can use ADAS function!
When the car is too close to the vehicle driving ahead, the machine will automatically remind the driver to prevent the vehicle from colliding.
The device driver unconscious deviate from the original lane when the lane departure alarm is automatically triggered.
(If you need TPMS, please click on the picture to buy)
Real-time displays 4 tires’ pressure and temperature, once the tire pressure or temperature limit is exceeded, alarm will be triggered immediately. (If you need TPMS, please click on the picture to buy)

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